Eco 2 Mask – Ecological Face Masks (Pack of 20 pcs 25€)

$ 27

The ECO 2 mask has been designed with a double layer “MASK E20” natural filter paper to increase the filtering capacity and optimized with cotton fiber to make it softer and more comfortable in contact with the skin.

The mask has been designed to meet the request to those who are still required to comply with the provisions on social distancing and the other precautionary rules introduced due to the Covid-19 emergency, so as to allow the use for a precautionary purpose.

UNI EN ISO9001: 2015 certified manufacturer (Legatoria Umbra SAS di Picchietti Stefano & C. in Bastia Umbra – PG)

Filtering mask produced for the purposes referred to in article n.16, comma 2, D.L. March 2020 n.18, and in accordance with the indications of the circular of the Ministry of Health 0003572-P-18/03/2020 and in compliance with Directive 2001/95 / CE and Legislative Decree of implementation of May 21, 2004 n.172

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