Today more than ever, we realize how fragile a human being can be facing a flu. A flu called Coronavirus. A virus that is devastating the whole planet. Today as never before we understand how vulnerable we are, but at the same time how much we depend on each other.
We are rediscovering the real values ​​of solidarity, respect and discipline, affection for our loved ones and for those who take care of us. We can only be proud of doctors, nurses, researchers and all professionals and not that today they risk their lives to save many others.
All together to fight an invisible enemy, all together to find serenity, all together to rediscover the true values ​​of life. Let’s stay Together and #willgoallright, Together Forever

Our Charity Project

S&G THESIGN has decided to design and produce a dedicated line called Insieme Forever to sensitize customers to help the Italian population to cope with this health emergency, deciding to donate 50% of the profits to the Italian National Civil Protection! Help too, buy and give “hearts” for charity!

The health emergency

Italy is experiencing a moment of difficulty due to the effects of the health emergency in relation to the spread of Coronavirus. The crisis situation is such as to require immediate and relevant responses in terms of resources used. For weeks, doctors, nurses, researchers and all healthcare personnel have been working tirelessly and putting their lives at risk. Hospitals are no longer able to satisfy all hospitalization requests. The beds of the intensive care units are no longer enough and the tools for resuscitation and breathing are no longer sufficient to respond to the health emergency that has hit our country.

Together Forever #willgoallright

S&G Thesign wants to contribute in some way to support the Department of Civil Protection, which deals with the national forecasting, prevention, management and overcoming of disasters, calamities, human and natural and emergency situations like this. 50% of the income from all sales will therefore be donated to support Italian Civil Protection.

Respect and Discipline

We pray, we beg our family, friends and fellow citizens to stay at home and absolutely avoid contact with the outside. Only if we respect the decrees that are submitted to us can we curb and stop this situation before it is too late. When a friend of ours, a relative of ours, gets sick, we are also responsible. Let’s respect each other and stay united. One fine day, we will all embrace each other again and feel stronger than ever.

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